#39 Effortless Support & Awareness

#39 Effortless Support & Awareness


Learn to effortlessly open your intuitive senses and…

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#39 Effortless Support & Awareness

Learn to effortlessly open your intuitive senses and feel the channels of support around you during everyday activities. Easily move from an overwhelmed state of wariness or weariness, to a balanced state of Awareness. It not only helps with centering and healing it clarifies our decision making so that we can move forward.

Track 1 – Introduction (4:36)
Track 2 – Effortlessly Open to Support (34:35)
Track 3 – Shifting from Wariness or Weariness to Awareness (22:03)
Track 4 – Treating Your Senses (9:04)

Recorded live December 14, 2011 in Leesburg, VA
Features: The Celt

 Please listen to the introduction or read the transcript of it included in audio folder for important information. Thank you.