Tarot Classes & Workshops 


Aristotle said the soul speaks in images.

The ancient magic of the tarot centers on the ability to tell a unique story to every card player through imagery. It transcends language barriers with universal symbols, and like our dreams it can access a level of consciousness far removed from our intellectual understanding. The symbolic nature of the tarot assists in discovering paths to inner wisdom – inviting perspective, insight and clarity to any life situation. The images also help us become more fluent in our personal dream language. 

 "I don’t teach tarot in the traditional way, anyone can do that by reading a book. I teach people how to use the tarot as a tool to excavate the wisdom inside. People are always amazed to discover how quickly they can read the cards and are stunned with the power of the insights revealed." 

All of the tarot workshops are experiential and focus on opening your intuition, while deepening a personal understanding of the cards. You have the knowledge inside to interpret the symbols. That's why Jennifer Halls developed a series of tarot workshops entitled, Finding the Tarot Within. You know.®

The cards are just a representation of life situations that cleverly help us see a different perspective, some in very playful ways. Remember, the tarot is a direct ancestor of our modern playing cards. In short, they are meant to be fun!

In the future online classes will be available.
If your group would like a custom workshop please contact Jennifer.