My Top 9 One Word Ways of Living Life:


1 ~ Connection
2 ~ Love
3 ~ Integrity
4 ~ Humor
5 ~ Creativity
6 ~  Friendship
7 ~ Practicality
8 ~ Learning
9 ~ FUN!


The mind and soul see the world in vastly different ways. Intuition is more soul oriented, it is useful for problem solving, but it is so much more. My approach is candid, humor-filled, very practical and fun.  I believe that everyone knows and each of us has a unique way to connect to our knowing. Intuitive exploration can seem circuitous, it often begins with a specific focus and then veers into something seemingly unrelated, only to creatively connect us to a vastly different perspective; ah-ha! and oh yeah!  It's a journey where we constantly learn about, integrate and make friends with our soul-self.  Life feels richer, experiences deepen, our perceptions broaden, relationships grow --I LOVE this work!

You know.® Mission Statement 

Sooo, some friends say my mission statement sounds too serious and isn't as alive and doesn't show the real enthusiasm I have about my work. This is my too practical side showing off I guess, yet it says it all! Or most of it anyway. The mission of founder Jennifer Halls and You know.,® LLC is:

  • To bring a permanent felt connection, communication and relationship to the Divine to enrich life in every possible moment.
  • To bring the unrealized knowledge, practices, and benefits of intuition into public life in a practical fun-loving ways. 
  • To create a permanent positive effect by working in enjoyable, supportive and humorus ways, with interested people to recognize, use and effectively connect them to their deep inner knowing.
  • To support the integration of an intuitive lifestyle that continuously invites and develops the subtle internal voice, allowing a consistent awareness of purpose, choice, personal integrity and love of life.
  • To invite master teachers to help others experience their divine energetic connection, by helping them to align with there soul's purpose and pass along ancient beautiful teachings that enhance life's riches no matter what situation is occurring; through direct interaction, audio downloads and/or written word.
  • To work and write in affiliation with experts from different professions to create a bridge for the practical use of intuition within other vocations or areas of life.