What is Intuition?


You know. It is something we say repeatedly in conversation so casually that it has lost its meaning.  We usually say it to prod someone into understanding our view, not to connect to their knowing. Actual knowing goes much deeper than thinking; it permeates all of the senses and connects us to our intuition.

There are a variety of approaches to bring intuitive awareness to life, work and relationships. Why not use techniques that are fun and easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle?

What exactly is intuition?

Intuition isn’t our 6th sense it's our Essence. It is connected to wisdom that sometimes defies logic, reason and our inclinations. At its strongest, it is a deep knowing; an undeniable feeling that resonates in the body and mind so strongly it can stop us or propel us forward. At it's weakest it is the faintest whisper, a fleeting question or a body sensation that's barely detectable.

It is the place where you don’t just think it, You know it.

How do I know if I need help interfacing with my intuition?

  • Is there a constant struggle to make good decisions?
  • Does your confidence sometimes waver?
  • Do you get trapped in your head or ever have trouble trusting yourself?
  • Have you got the feeling there's something more?
  • Have you read about empaths and resonate with the side-effects?

Things like this happen when you lose connection to your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance. Understanding and developing your intuition can help.

How will understanding my intuition help?

Most of us spend too much time trapped in our heads and spinning our wheels. Those distracting, chattering voices can blind us to vital options available in the here and now.

The power of real choice comes when you sidestep the noise in your head for the voice in your soul — Intuition. It shifts us out of our 'shoulds', fears and old patterns and opens us to possibilities. That space, that knowing place, is where new things come to life and life comes alive.

As Einstein said, the rational mind is a useful servant, but it shouldn’t be in charge. Pairing our intuition with our minds results in real wisdom and allows us to enjoy our lives more fully.

But, why doesn’t my intuition work now?

It is working. You just need to learn how to use it.

Do you remember ever being taught at school how to listen to our intuitive voice, or that everyone's intuition works a little differently?

Most of us didn’t get that kind of education. It's that simple.

So by the time we grow up, we approach life and goals with our rational mind in control. The only trouble is, when we lose contact with our divine navigation, the symptoms listed above can occur.

Cultivating intuition is essential to all aspects of a balanced life. According to Dr. Brené Brown in, The Gifts of Imperfection, it is one of the 10 guideposts to living a wholehearted life.


Which genius' credits their success to intuition?

Not just one, many of the world’s true geniuses, from Albert Einstein to Ralph Waldo Emerson, felt intuition was essential to all aspects of life. Bill Gates even admits to using it. Check out more than 100 quotes on intuition to see who else currently and in history values inner knowing.

Society's perception about intuition is changing. More and more frequently people refer to the value of listening to their inner voice and trusting their gut. Discover your own genius—intuition.

Who has intuition? Everyone.


Awaken your intuition — Right Now!

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