Meet Jennifer Halls


Since 1986, Jennifer has

helped thousands of people physically experience and understand how to access their deep intuitive knowing. Her approach is practical, straightforward and involves a lot of humor. Aligning your heart and spirit seamlessly to everyday real life is what she loves.

"I encourage everyone to play. Whether it's cooking, golf, doodling, blowing bubbles, pottery, travel... there is a world of enjoyable creative activity that opens the door for intuitive knowing to be there when we need it."


Jennifer starts with the belief that "Everyone knows."  ...get it?  You know.®

She offers gentle yet provocative insights into each person's individual exploration. As intuition works on both sides of the brain, as well as throughout the body, she taps into the way we think and feel and reminds us how the mind and soul view the world in vastly different ways. Her methods are practical, humorous and different for everyone.

"The 5 step, one-size-fits-all, does not work for most. We will laugh, swear, maybe cry a little and figure out the steps that work to open your knowing consistently. Intuition is more than just solving the 'problem of the moment'.  It's what makes life great! Connection to our intuition opens our senses, deepens our experiences and widens our perceptions."

In 1997, intuition led Jennifer into doing this as a full time career. Her career titles include:  consultant, teacher, reverend, mentor, facilitator, medium, channel, guide, healer, facilitator... pick one you like, it's a profession that's hard to pin down. Just know her commitment to integrity (being real), walking her talk, continuing to learn, professional satisfaction and personal happiness are clear, and she works to get the same results for her clients. 

“She’s the ‘Mary Poppins’ of intuitive coaches. She’s magical, but she makes you work to learn it for yourself.”
— T.H. IRS Washington, DC


Jennifer has studied art, energy, prayer, ritual and spirituality on four continents with many gifted teachers. Her tapestry-like background has led to a consulting philosophy and method that bridges professions and personalities. Her use of creativity reveals aspects of the self that may stay hidden with more cognitive approaches.


Sobonfu Somé

A major influence in her work comes from mentor and friend  Sobonfu Somé, a respected indigenous teacher and author from the Dagara tribe of Burkino Faso, West Africa. Jennifer participated in a Dagara Initiation in 2004 and continued to assist and study with Somé for 16 years, until her passing in 2017. She continues to embrace, integrate and study this tradition in her life and work.



Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere

Jennifer has continually studied energy, the sacred arts and connection to spirit with Bruyere since 1991.  Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere, renowned author, researcher and practitioner of energy medicine, ordained Jennifer in 1998.  Her wisdom and grounded influence led Jennifer to focus on bringing more spirit into everyday life, untethered to the tenets of organized religion. 




Jennifer has had a love for labyrinths and their transformative qualities for many years. In 2009 she completed the labyrinth facilitator training program through Dr. Lauren Artress. She enjoys helping people make and use portable labyrinths of all sizes. Jennifer made a permanent labyrinth in her old backyard, she now makes due with chalk or a cloth labyrinth to walk at home or travels to walk many found on the Labyrinth Locator.



Bön Buddhist Wisdom

Through her association with Bruyere, Jennifer has studied some of the practices of Bon, the indigenous religion of Tibet. At the Ligmincha Institute she was able to study with the 33rd leader of the Bon-Po, His Holiness the Gyalwa Menriwa, whom she visited in 2001. This photo is taken at the Menri Monastary in northern India. The world lost a bearer of great wisdom, joy and kindness when his holiness passed in 2017. 


Untitled design.png


For 15 years Jennifer used SoulCollage® for her own self development. In 2019 she officially became a facilitator through her dear friend Catherine Anderson. She plans to use this valuable tool as a support for her Women’s Art & intuition Retreats.



Art curator 1994.

Jennifer's Story

In 1997, Jennifer Halls set aside a 10-year museum curatorial career for her part-time passion, intuition. Since then, she has done thousands of sessions, helping countless clients find and trust their internal guidance. 

As a little girl, Jennifer knew things - where pets had gone hiding, what family members wanted, even when someone far away was sick or had died. She was born in Ohio, but lived in five states by the time she was 15 because of her father's job. Her traveling life still resembles that of a gypsy -- a playful theme that seems to weave through her life. She had a childhood desire to be a gypsy, which made for many magical Halloweens. And she knew she wanted cards.


Gypsy fortune-teller Halloween 1968.

"..At 4 I asked for a real fortune-telling deck. I found out later that it mystified my family how I even knew about such things, but my grandmother bought one. I vividly remember sitting on the floor with it thinking 'why can't I remember how this works.' I knew that I used to know how and it felt so frustrating. It's interesting what we know by 4."

Jennifer thought it was normal to "know things." It wasn't something she was taught or that was encouraged; she just thought that's how it was for everyone. However, when she grew older and discovered it wasn't that way, she began to doubt herself. Oddly enough, it was cards that helped her trust intuition again.

"I was 21 and had received a full scholarship to study art in Europe when a woman in Italy asked to read my cards. I said 'sure'. I didn't really believe in anything like that anymore, but I didn't want to be rude. She told me many things that she couldn't have known and predicted a few things that I had no control over; all came to pass. But it was the last thing she said that struck a chord: "I don't know why I felt I should read these for you. I am hearing that you know how to read the cards." I couldn't believe it."

Over the next six months two other people asked to read her cards and both ended by saying the same thing. That's when she finally got her own tarot deck and found she did know how to 'read' the cards. Yes, at first she told fortunes, but not for long. She was fortunate to have many skilled teachers and mentors who guided her to embrace her abilities to help others connect to their intuition/spirit. One of her gifts now is teaching how to use the tarot as a tool to open intuition.


Jennifer shares her South Carolina home with journalist husband Michael Gordon. They share a love of labradors, movies, books, the sound of a Blues guitar, travel and frequent walks along the Catawba river. Their house is highlighted by two porches, lots of art and awaits their next dog. Between sessions with clients, she writes, paints and harbors desires for hot buttered popcorn.