In one hour Jennifer helped our firm more than the two years we spent with a team of consultants that cost over ten grand.
— — Joe T. , Attorney/Partner, Raleigh, NC

Clarity & Actions for a Healthy Business

I'll be honest, most business people come to me as a last resort. Business doesn't like what's considered woo-woo. When I was first asked to help a business, I thought it was a hindrance to know absolutely nothing about it. As it turns out, it's my biggest asset. 

Working with the individual that has power to change an organization is collaborative yet involves a lot more of a 'reading' initially on my part. Often I am shown structures that resemble odd family trees. Like a schematic, non relevant details are omitted. These inner images relate to the structure and positions in the company. For example fruit on a tree, certain places are budding, unripened, gleamingly golden or just plain rotten. My inner scan often reveals or confirms the personality traits, talents or work habits of the person in that position. That's where we start, then I work with company decision makers on creating reliable channels to their intuition. Every business has different needs, check out the examples below.

Intuition works well at work…

Whether it’s around hiring, sales or development, every situation can be improved by a felt connection to a bigger part of yourself.  It helps people become their best both personally and professionally, which creates a great work environment. Intuition broadens perspective and allows ideas, a space to develop into the unexpectedly perfect solution.

When working with companies looking to expand, move or sell: 

I have intuitively seen locations, advised on price, longevity, contract issues, important questions to ask and people to watch out for — all with astonishing accuracy, even to me, as I'm given almost no details to work with.  

One example is a start-up company that needed more space and had a small budget.  On a call with the CEO, I began describing locations within the company's target areas.  I described several buildings and spaces, listing some pros and cons of each. The team visited two of the promising locations I described. I shared information on the two buildings that most interested them. They asked questions from the information I received (one was that a rowdy group would be moving next door) that confirmed some cons they weren't comfortable with compromising. The third building I saw the CEO said didn't exist.

Then I got a 'you-won’t-believe-this call'. The building I described went up for rent within the week and there were 2 spaces available. One larger than the other. I helped the CEO feel which space they needed, "would they continue to grow enough to need the bigger space?" The answer was yes, they needed bigger, but it was a bit out of budget.  I saw that the manager would welcome a lower price with a longer lease and it happened.  It's been several years now and that company easily grew into the space and when they thought they'd need to move again another floor became available.  Using intuition has long term unforeseen benefits.

We continued to work together navigating the sale of the start-up - sold!

“ matter what I say it will never do you or your work justice. You have helped me more than many business consultants I have hired with difficult business situations, as well as in generating creative ideas. Your questions are insightful and your guidance practical and useful. Working with you is a true collaboration at many levels.”
— ~M.W., foundation president, NYC, NY
“Jennifer Halls you are a steal! It’s not just the hour I spend with you that helps me- your work helps me live a more fulfilled life. I use what I learn to find creative solutions 24/7 with all aspects of my life.”
— K.A., corporate mediator, Herndon, VA

Getting a direct hit:

Admittedly this is rare. I prefer to empower the individuals I work with to feel their own intuition. This does happen every so often and it was one of the first times I worked with a company. You'll see how long ago it was from this brief story. 

While working with a top executive on their own intuitive development they discovered that their CEO didn't believe in intuition. As a challenge, the CEO said to ask me, "when will the company get on Yahoo." I didn’t even know what Yahoo was at the time. I told them I saw March or May. They both thought I was nuts; at the very least they were hoping for July and had been advised it might take until the fall. May 3rd I got an excited call - they couldn’t believe it - they were on.

Everyday benefits:

Freedom from Blocks  ~  Reduced Stress   ~  Expanded Creativity  ~  Understanding Energy Solutions for Problems  ~  Improved Relationships  ~  Effective Decision-Making  ~  Productive Hiring  ~  Increased Profitability ~ Easy Communication with Inner Guidance ~ Better Sleep ~ Feeling of Clarity ~ Aligned Purpose ~ Integrity

“I have come to realize that leaving out my intuition in making decisions is like ignoring a star member of my team. The biggest surprise for me is how easy it is to learn to use this powerful tool.”
— ~A.K., assistant comptroller, Chevy Chase, MD