You know.® Experience

These audio classes offer an immediate experience to connect to and comprehend deep soul knowing.

Want a key to unlock, expand and strengthen your intuitive abilities now?  You will feel clarity, utilize source energy, cultivate a relationship and connection to your own guidance. Other things can happen: shifting old or outdated patterns; recognizing/handling intuitive blocks; pain relief and more. These downloads can be very intense and powerfully transformative. Trance mediumship is used which means 3 teachers, communicate through Jennifer and lead these groups. They each create a different energy-filled atmosphere that help open participants to their own wisdom  in many ways on many levels.  Try one for FREE.


Guided Meditations

These first 12 audios are more like guided meditations. Jennifer guides you though different experiences with The Celt  whispering in her ear. She did this type of meditation for 10 years before heard to start recording them. The teaching are good, audio itself is acceptable and each only $1.99.

The Celt?

He is interested in helping us open to new patterns that support health and joy in life. He guides us to develop the senses so that the Spiritual help around each of us is experienced in a tangible way. His practical teachings often offer simple ways to shift perspective to feel more vital and healthy in life.

The Lady?

Her purpose is to help us open to, feel and integrate more of our Soul life into our physical body. This aligns and helps us remember who we are and what gifts we came to share. Often a deep validation is felt in her presence and self-criticism and grief are often released.

About The Elemental?

His presence is key to our experiencing  the density of our embodiment in a new way. He doesn't speak much. His gift is to help us connect our inner elements to be supported by the elements in our world. This gives us access to a foundational well that nourishes, strengthens and aligns us.


Experiential Downloads

Starting with session #13, trance mediumship is used so that Jennifer’s guide, The Celt, can lead the meditations. Beginning with audio #56 Jennifer’s Guide, The Lady joins The Celt and #110 The Elemental comes bringing a third layer of  frequency that powerfully grounds these teachings.

People who have listened to these channeled classes over and over say that they relax and have a different experience every time. We are proud to offer a convenient and economical way to receive these valuable teachings.


 These downloads can be used like a key to:

  • Unlock, expand and strengthen your intuitive abilities

  • Feel and utilize the energy that is available to you

  • Cultivate connection to your own guidance

  • Shift old or outdated patterns

  • Recognize and release intuitive blocks

  • Experience pain relief and more… just please don't listen to while driving.