Medium Really? Yep.


This is where practical, sane people have the most trouble with me, and I understand why.  For a long time I thought mediums talked to dead relatives or that trance-mediums were just pretending to be wise teachers from the 'Spirit World'.  In other words wack-a-doodles, scam artists or good actors. 

Then I trained with many skilled people, went on pilgrimages and discovered how to connect to 'something' bigger. I call it guidance. Wise teachers in spirit who help us use our soul's compass in life, intuition. I really loved feeling connected and realized I could help others feel it too by providing group meditations. All I had to do was repeat the teachings I was directly hearing. It worked!

During one meditation I wasn't feeling well, so I let go and just let The Celt (my guide) step in, literally. Having had such a bad attitude about trance-mediumship I was shocked to realize it was more sustaining and impactful. My voice and demeanor changed, and things came out of my mouth  I didn't have prior knowledge to or completely remember afterwards. But the positive impact was measurably different. Everyone was experiencing more. I agreed to a trial period to let these ancient teachers speak directly through me, because I knew this change might scare some people and make others question my sanity.  

Though I loved the process, I was a bit tired of the stigma of being a medium. So decided, more than a decade ago now, it would be the last time I'd trance channel for a group.  I didn't tell anyone. That night 3 people came up to me and shared remarkable experiences they'd been having. One woman, whose entire spine was fused, told me that every time she came to Tune-Inward she'd be out of severe and constant pain for the 2 weeks and asked if I'd do it twice a month!  So I let go of what nay-sayers thought and I'm so glad I did.

I am constantly humbled and grateful to witness so many miracles and transformational experiences. There are too many to count, including those that happen just from listening to the recordings or reading the transcripts which will soon be available. I have a responsibility to three master teachers in spirit now: The Celt, The Lady and The Elemental.  Their teachings are inexplicably powerful experiences, and I have vowed to share them to the best of my ability. If it feels right to you, give their work - called "Tune-Inward. You know." - a try for FREE.  OR purchase one that interests you, and if it doesn't help ask for a full refund.