1:1 Phone Consultations


Intuition is innate to being human; it can’t be taught. It can be discovered.

"So Jennifer, do you know? If so why don't you just tell me?" I hear this a lot and it usually means that the mind wants an answer, not a real knowing. Yes, I know how to navigate inside and connect to a felt knowing space.  No, I don't know the 'answer' for others. My ability and interest is to empower people to have tangible access to their own soul knowing. 
Every 'body' works differently and every session does too, I don't know what's going to happen for you. I do know we'll find interesting ways to unlock, recognize, comprehend and utilize your connection to source energy. My connection is used to help you decipher where your intuition may be stuck or ignored. It is also used to amplify and construct connections to communicate effectively and develop a felt relationship with your guidance and much more.  
Ok, there are some answers if you scroll down.

Move from within. Don’t move the way fear wants you to.
— ~Rumi

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How do we work?

We make an appointment and I give you my number to call. Using a headset or speaker will give you the most satisfying experience. Sessions are filled with direct experience, laughter,  some note taking, and loads of physical sensory information that is transformative.


Solving specific problems.

The first solution you'll discover is there are physical points of reference for your intuition. As your inner intuitive map is revealed, more pathways to find specific solutions and to reach a deep knowing state becomes tangible. This state always resonates a feeling of truth throughout our being. It leads to results that meet our specific needs. The by-product to discovering solutions is it leads to a richer, more fulfilling, wider way of living. Life even feels downright magical sometimes.


How to prepare.

It’s important to find a language that has meaning for you, so start by thinking about what you believe. Intuition works in all belief systems – Christian, Buddhist, Agnostic, Jungian, etc. Working within the framework of your beliefs will make your efforts easier and more effective; and so will having a sense of humor.

Get curious, really.

Understand the route to big connection is rarely direct; it is more circuitous by nature. Yet, the results are very specific. It is easier to coax and amplify your source connections if you think about what you want from the session and then let it go. Honestly, this is the best way to have an amazing experience. Holding onto an expectation limits your experience, you really can't imagine what's possible, I can't. The  best calls are a surprise every time. They are the most transformative and happen when people let themselves become curious. The question, "I wonder what will happen?" will help you let go and insures a powerful experience.