#38 Lightness & Ease for Busy-ness

#38 Lightness & Ease for Busy-ness


Bringing awareness to our body and breath allows…

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#38 Lightness & Ease for Busy-ness

Through the hustle and bustle of these busy times it’s easy to forget to allow ourselves to open up and connect to the energy within us. Bringing awareness to our body and breath allows us to hone our intuition, providing us with the power to clear the bad energies that weigh us down, and with a lighter soul comes peace and comfort.

Track 1 – Introduction (4:36)
Track 2 – Opening Your Channels to Effortless Relaxation (27:09)
Track 3 – Cleaning and Clearing the Weight of Your Soul (29:00)
Track 4 – Breathing with a Purpose (12:24)

Recorded live December 6, 2011 in Charlotte NC
Features: The Celt

 Please listen to the introduction or read the transcript of it included in audio folder for important information. Thank you.