#24 Recharge Your Energy Effectively

#24 Recharge Your Energy Effectively


Learn efficient times, ways and places to recharge…

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#24 Recharge Your Energy Effectively

What do you receive? And how do you Expend? Beneficial recharging is about the type of vibration or quality of energy received and about being conscious of the energy expended. Learn efficient times, ways and places to recharge effectively.

Track 1 – Introduction (4:36)
Track 2 – Using a Storm to Recharge (23:41)
Track 3 – Adjusting the Mind (28:30)
Track 4 – Discerning between You and Your Pattern (10:36)

Recorded live on July 27, 2010 in Charlotte, NC
Features: The Celt

 Please listen to the introduction or read the transcript of it included in audio folder for important information. Thank you.