#93 Soul Focus

#93 Soul Focus


The Celt leads us though some ways…
The Lady leads us through a short powerful practice…

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#93 Soul Focus

There is a lot in the world the pulls at and divides our energy, it can be hard to focus our attention and find the words for what we need.

The Celt leads us though some ways we become divided and pulled out of focus — including by a group energy. He then helps us reconnect with a bigger perspective and a stronger focus for what’s needed to focus in our current situation. He connects us to different possibilities of outside support to hone our energy and intent. Then he assists us in experiencing our spatial capacity and connection within our body.

The Lady leads us through a short powerful practice that brings the words, energy and solutions we need for any situation. We actually taste the vibration of the words as they form – a truly extraordinary experience that can easily be used again and again.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – Open Limited Understanding (31:31)
Track 3 – How To Speak With Soul (26:57)
Track 4 – Connection For Soul Encounter (8:55)

Recorded live May 17, 2016 in Charlotte, NC
Features: The Celt & The Lady

 Please listen to the introduction or read the transcript of it included in audio folder for important information. Thank you.