#90 Give Yourself the Gift of Being Present

#90 Give Yourself the Gift of Being Present


The Celt helps us unlock some of our…
The Lady guides us to view… 

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#90 Give Yourself the Gift of Being Present

Sometimes we can get locked in an old part of our personality in times of stress or during the holidays when we see people we haven’t seen for awhile.

The Celt helps us unlock some of our old patterns so we don’t find ourselves trapped in an old way of being that doesn’t feel good. He guides us through different personal situations where we felt judged, insecure or just plain zoned out. We learn how to remain present in these type of situations so our wise soul-self can take the lead. Our mind also gets help shifting from internal/external criticism, anger and trauma… to a state of presence that includes joy, peace, confidence and patience. He also reminds us that when our soul is present it calls on the soul of others to accompany us which leads to better communication and more.

The Lady guides us to view others with regard— eyes that are interested in protecting both ourselves and others that create a space for soul to be present and interact. She takes us through a healing with someone we are in conflict with and reminds us we are all learning souls. She reveals how we have a choice to learn through suffering or learn through choice by way of regard and disregard. We are gifted with meaningful blessings and learn simple ways that blessing can enhance our lives.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – Escaping the Trap of Obligation (36:00)
Track 3 – How To Amplify & Have Ample Time (49:20)

Tune-Inward from Anywhere recorded live December 2015, Riverwalk, SC
Features: The Celt & The Lady

 Please listen to the introduction or read the transcript of it included in audio folder for important information. Thank you.