#32 The Welcoming Practice

#32 The Welcoming Practice


Learn some simple exercises to open your… 

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#32 The Welcoming Practice

Learn some simple exercises to open your physical energy so you can feel your guidance and how to release circular patterns of thinking. The practice of welcoming is effortless, powerful and benefits everyone. It cultivates the ability to give and receive at the same time. It is a healing practice that can clear the lungs, move grief and integrates easily into daily life; as apposed to being one more thing to do.

Track 1 – Introduction (4:36)
Track 2 – Using the Breath & Mind to Direct and Open Body Energy (25:30)
Track 3 – Welcoming Your Guidance (17:00)
Track 4 – Effortlessness in Cultivating Light (13:27)

Recorded live April 5, 2011 in Charlotte, NC
Features: The Celt

 Please listen to the introduction or read the transcript of it included in audio folder for important information. Thank you.