#85 Connect To Hearing Hearts & Master Teachers

#85 Connect To Hearing Hearts & Master Teachers


The Celt leads us in how to…
The Lady opens our heart space to…

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#85 Connect To Hearing Hearts & Master Teachers

Our master teachers are beings that have lived many times on earth. They are interested in helping us to be freed from the patterns that hold us back, as they have experienced and overcome similar things. They are here for the welfare and growth for those who ask.

The Celt leads us in how to have a more tactile experience of energy and with our master teachers, developing a stronger connection to these guides. He also helps us feel support physically and energetically in many different ways. He points out times when we will have a different experience of support and helps us transform feeling alone. We learn a cleansing practice that brings clarity of vision to all of the senses and heart.

The Lady opens our heart space to remain sensitive to subtle understanding and meaning. She invites our resting heart to be filled with knowledge and awareness, which helps us navigate the present effortlessly. She conveys that the heart is the great connecter for all information in our system and to our master teachers. She teaches a supported open heart is able to make a decision from inclusive knowing, which is best for the whole of us and those around us. We also play with a simple practice to see if we are aligned with our own truth.

Track 1 – Introduction (3:20)
Track 2 – Stronger Connection To Support from Master Teachers (36:01)
Track 3 – How To Have Quick, Simple, Practical Experiences With Quality (42:32)

Features: The Celt & The Lady
Tune-Inward from Anywhere recorded live June 2015 in Riverwalk, SC

Please listen to the introduction or read the transcript of it included in audio folder for important information. Thank you.