Favorite 'Thank You' Notes

YOUR THE BEST!!!  I love your strong, powerful spot-on advice! Just what I was needing this AM. Wowza!
M.V., Sydney Austrailia

Thank you from my grateful heart, grounded toes and hopeful mind! 
G.A., VA

First I felt some sadness and confusion but as a few hours went by after (our) phone session, I felt much more as if things were very right with my world. A friend said my whole face relaxed and I looked 10 years younger! Again, Thank you! 
C.C., FL

You have been an inspiration and I wanted to say thank you. You helped me hear my inner voice – that it’s OK to listen to your intuition and follow what it’s telling you. I did that yesterday with a house here – a great house, location, I let it go because something didn’t feel right. I wanted to share with you how much peace I have today because I listened to that voice and acted on it... a habit I’m not accustomed to but am learning to do more often because of what I leaned from you. 
J.J., CN

Thanks as always for the clarity and connectedness you help me achieve! I truly appreciate your wisdom and guiding skill. Thank you for all of it.
T.K., VA

Thank you for what you do and the grace with which you do it. This last year of regular work has helped me in so many ways that words can’t express. 
B.S., SC

Thank you for the precious gift of healing you bring to me and the world. 
B.M., WV

My shoulders are lighter and my smile frequent and happier. Thank you sincerely for helping me to remember myself... I feel braver, happier and more alive! 
V.A., VA

I sat this morning in my favorite chair and spoke to my mother... I could feel her energy and it maintained in both hands for a half an hour or so. Thanks for being with me on this journey. And for your help. 
H.B., NC

I just want to thank you for your part in my life. I learn more everyday and it changes my life for the better. 
K.J., VA

You are a treasure in my life. Thank you for everything! 
C.A., NC

Thanks! You are so good at what you do and I am very grateful to have you as a teacher. 
G.T., SC

Thanks again for all of the great insight and the peace you are helping me find. Talk with you soon! 
S.M., FL

Just wanted to thank you...we say to each other every day, ‘what would we do without Jennifer?’ What would we do with out you?! I don’t want to know. 
M.W. & H.J., NY

Thank you again (once again!) for all the help you are giving me – I feel so much more calm and clear after our session this morning. What a relief! 
K.M., NC

Jennifer thank you for your valuable insight and compassion. Though hard at times, your partnership in working with me has helped me grow through an amazingly intense time. I am so grateful. 
S.B., SC

Thanks so much. I feel so blessed to be able to work with you. 
A.M., OH